Resume FAQ

Is your resume easy to read?

Most resumes are read by employers in less than three minutes so an easy to read resume is key! Your resume should be free of all typing, spelling, and grammatical errors. An attractive layout is also important!

Does your cover letter sound positive?

Cover letters should highlight your strengths and accomplishments! An unimpressive cover letter will cause employers to disregard your resume.

Are you prepared for downsizing or sudden job loss?

Your resume should always be up-to-date. If an opportunity comes your way, be ready to submit your resume fast!

Are you looking to change careers?

Your resume may require a special format to attract attention if you are switching careers. At The Resume Works, a career counselor will work with you if you are uncertain about the direction of your career or taking a new path!

What are some resume "don'ts?"

Don't show your age! Don't show gaps in your employment history! Don't make your resume too lengthy! Let The Resume Works present you in the best light using a variety of different techniques on your resume!